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Are your health problems yeast related?

The following questionnaire, Adapted from WG Crook. The Yeast Connection, 2nd Edition: 1984, can help you determine if yeast may be causing some of your health problems. This questionnaire is for adult use only.

Have you taken repeated courses of antibiotic drugs?
Have you been troubled by premenstrual tension, abdominal pain, menstrual problems, vaginitis, prostatitis, or loss of sexual interest?
Does exposure to tobacco, perfume, or other chemical odors provoke moderate to severe symptoms?
Do you crave sugar, breads, and alcoholic beverages?
Are you bothered by recurrent digestive problems?
Does fatigue or symptoms of depression bother you?
Do hives, psoriasis, or other chronic skin rashes bother you?
Have you ever taken birth control pills?
Do headaches, muscle and joint pains, or lack of coordination of movement bother you?
Do you feel bad all over, yet the cause has not been found?

  • If you have three or four YES answers, yeasts probably play a role in your illness.
  • If you have five to seven YES answers, yeasts probably cause your symptoms.
  • If you have more than eight YES answers, yeasts almost certainly are involved.
Section A: History
Possible Points Your Points
Have you ever taken antibiotics for a month or more? 35
Have you at any time in your life taken "broad-spectrum" antibiotics for respiratory, urinary, or other infections (for two months or longer, or in shorter courses four or more times in a year)? 35
Have you taken a "broad-spectrum" antibiotic drug? Even a single course? 6
Have you, at any time in your life, been bothered by persistent prostatitis, vaginitis, or other problems affecting reproductive organs? 25
Have you been pregnant two or more times? 5
One pregnancy? 3
Have you taken Prednisone, Decadron, or another cortisone-type drug for more than two weeks? 15
For two weeks or less? 6
Have you taken birth control pills for more than two years? 15
Have you taken birth control pills from six months to two years? 8
Does exposure to perfumes, insecticides, fabric shop odors, or other chemicals provoke moderate to severe symptoms? 20
Mild symptoms? 5
Are your symptoms worse on damp, muggy days or in moldy places? 20
Have you had athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch, or other chronic fungus infections of the skin or nails? Have such infections been severe or persistent? 20
Mild to moderate? 10
Do you crave sugar or sweet foods? 10
Do you crave breads? 10
Do you crave alcoholic beverages? 10
Does tobacco smoke really bother you? 10
TOTAL SCORE FROM SECTION A (Maximum 278) ______________


For each of your symptoms, enter the score figure in the Points column.

  • If a symptom is occasional or mild, assign three points.
  • If a symptom is frequent and/or moderately severe, assign six points.
  • If a symptom is severe and/or disabling, assign nine points.
Fatigue or lethargy
Feeling of being drained
Poor memory
Feeling spacey or unreal
Numbness, burning, or tingling
Muscle aches
Muscle weakness or paralysis
Pain and/or swelling in joints
Abdominal pain
Troublesome vaginal discharge
Persistent vaginal burning or itching
Loss of sexual desire
Cramps and/or other menstrual irregularities
Premenstrual tension
Spots in front of the eyes
Erratic vision
TOTAL SCORE FROM SECTION B (Maximum 207) _____________


For each of your symptoms, enter the score figure in the Points column.

  • If a symptom is occasional or mild, assign one point;
  • If a symptom is frequent and/or moderately severe, assign two points; or
  • If a symptom is severe and/or disabling, assign three points.
Lack of coordination
Irritability or jitteriness
Inability to concentrate
Frequent mood swings
Dizziness/loss of balance
Pressure above ears, feeling of head swelling or tingling
Other rashes
Belching and intestinal gas
Mucus in stools
Dry mouth
Rash or blisters in mouth
Bad breath
Joint swelling or arthritis
Nasal congestion or discharge
Postnasal drip
Nasal itching
Sore or dry throat
Pain or tightness in chest
Wheezing or shortness of breath
Urgency or urinary frequency
Burning on urination
Burning or watering of the eyes
Failing vision
Recurrent infections or fluid in the ears
Ear pain or deafness
TOTAL SCORE, SECTION A __________________/278

TOTAL SCORE, SECTION B __________________/207

TOTAL SCORE, SECTION C __________________/96

GRAND TOTAL __________________/581

A score of 100 or more indicates that yeast may be having a negative affect on your health. You may want to consider the following lifestyle modifications to discourage the growth of yeast in your system:


1. Yeasted foods (such as bread, food yeast, wine, beer, and cider) for a least a week.

2. Sugar: Yeast thrives on sugar and should be avoided or severely limited.

3. Allergy foods: Any foods which can cause allergies like wheat, milk and oranges.

Beneficial foods:

1. Yogurt: Natural, unsweetened yogurt can help restore the natural flora in your bowel.

2. Vegetables

3. Raw garlic

4. Rice, wheat, millet and rye do not promote yeast production.

Beneficial supplements:

1. Vitamin C, E, A and B complex

2. Zinc

3. Digestive enzymes such as Betaine Hydrochloride after high protein meals.