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Careers in Allied Health - Medical Assistant

Careers in allied health are something that a lot of people hear about when they turn on the television. One of the jobs in allied health that is heard about on the television is a medical assistant. But is the job of a medical assistant really good? There are a lot of reasons why this is a good career in allied health.

  • In Demand - The first reason that this is a good job to choose in allied health is because it's something that is in demand. Medical assistants are something that are used in every doctor's office and doctors are always needing more qualified assistants.
  • Short Training - The second reason that a it's a good job is that the training period isn't very long - about a year, unless you want to become a specialist. So that means that after a very short period of time you can be working in the doctor's office and becoming a very important part of a medical team.
  • Salary - The third reason that it's a good job is that the salary starts out at about $27,000 average across the country. So people who become a medical assistant know that they are going to be paid well for their knowledge and training.

As you can see, the allied health career of a medical assistant is a good one to pursue for several reasons. If you are looking for something that trains you quickly and will guarantee you a job, then the career in allied health of medical assistant may be for you.