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Communication With Your Massage Therapist

When you arrive at your massage destination, especially for the first time yo need to engage in a little communication with the person who is going to massage you. So, of course, speaking the same language is important. This may mean speaking in the same native tongue, or speaking the same "intention" too. If there is a fundamental experience you are hoping for, you should communicate this right in the beginning so the massage therapist can address your needs.

For example, if you came in for a blissful relaxation massage, kauai, to escape from stress but the massage therapist intends on giving you a massage of active muscle-stretching sports massage, or a deep tissue massage, your needs will not be met. A massage therapist is trained to serve you and your needs, but they are not mind readers. Sometimes, the best time to confirm your intentions is on the phone. That way, when you meet face to face, you can just confirm understanding rather then spending time talking about what you will require for the day.

When you finally meet your massage therapist for the first time, she may also require some non-verbal communication in the form of paperwork, (such as a waiver form) go fill out. Filling out these forms is for your own good, even if you only are coming in for a simple massage. Massage affects the entire body, and its best if your massage therapist knows as much about your body conditions and health history prior to doing work with you as a client.