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Medical Billing and Coding: Take the Time to Learn Terminology

Medical billing is more than sending bills in the mail to patients. A good medical biller will need a fairly detailed knowledge of medical terminology. Why? Well, the reason is really quite simple. Every charge on a patient bill is associated with a particular procedure or service by the health care provider. If the medial billing specialists puts the incorrect code for a specific procedure, there could either be an over or under charge to the patient. Also, the medical insurance company will most likely reject the claim and delaying reimbursement. A delay in reimbursement is not good for business, especially if it is a small practice. Such delays can cause the provider to have to use separate funds until their reimbursements are received. Too many delays could cause a practice to close.

A decent knowledge of medical terminology can help a medical billing specialist to ensure that delays are not created unnecessarily. This knowledge can also directly benefit the billing specialist. Having additional knowledge, like medical terminology, gives the medical billing specialist more options for advancement in their field. Additional knowledge can open opportunities to possibly code charts, conduct periodic internal audits of insurance compliance, or take the roll of full practice management. All of these options can provide more income.

The most important terminology to learn first is the names of the most common procedures performed in the office. Being able to identify the correct name for the procedure with the correct billing code can help to prevent errors and confusion. Many common mistakes are made when procedures are improperly coded because they are medical specialist is not familiar with procedures that are done in the office. For example, a male patient should not be coded with having had a hysterectomy (a female procedure). If the medical specialist is not aware of what a hysterectomy is, this very obvious mistake could easily happen.