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Seeing the Future of Medicine with Google Glass

Jamar Ramos | 06-02-2014

Google Glass is seen by many as a high-tech toy for spoiled techies, but this is far from the case. Google Glass is being used for many important endeavors, including health care applications. Learn how one doctor is using Google Glass to change the way doctors learn surgical procedures.

State of Emergency Medical Care in the U.S.

Jamar Ramos | 02-10-2014

Emergency medical care is failing citizens of the U.S. Find out what's wrong and how you can help!

Fastest Growing Occupations in the Allied Health Field

Jamar Ramos | 01-14-2014

Looking for a career in allied health? There are many positions that may experience solid growth in the coming years.

10 Dietetics and Nutrition Programs to Check Out

Justin Boyle | 01-08-2014

As health care professionals and members of the media continue to shine light on the role of food in human wellness, some dietetics programs are stepping up. Here are 10 dietetics and nutrition programs that can help you learn the real story of nutrition.

Combating Substance Abuse

Jamar Ramos | 12-10-2013

How can we combat substance abuse? spoke to Dr. Jonathan Brady about the subject.

Obesity as a Matter of Public Health

Jamar Ramos | 12-04-2013

Should the government work towards making obesity a matter of public policy? Or should it be a matter of personal responsibility?

What is a Healthy Diet?

Jamar Ramos | 11-26-2013

What constitutes a healthy diet?

10 Schools Driving Healthcare Innovation

Justin Boyle | 11-20-2013

A handful of universities across the country are using novel research and fresh approaches to help bring a positive change to the way we manage our health. Check out these 10 schools on the leading edge of innovation in healthcare science and services.

Is Fast Food Addictive?

Jamar Ramos | 11-19-2013

Could Americans be addicted to eating fast food?

Gluten for Punishment: Celiac Disease and a Gluten-Free Diet

Jamar Ramos | 11-12-2013

Many people are eliminating gluten from their diet, even if they do not have Celiac disease. Find out why here!

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