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Video Games for Mental Health

Jamar Ramos | 11-05-2013

In order to help people cope with their mental illnesses, some people have created video games that revolve around these diseases and ways to live with them.

Happiness versus Meaning in Life

Jamar Ramos | 10-29-2013

What happens when we decided to pursue a meaningful life instead of a happy one?

Sleeptexting Can Have Serious Health Consequences

Jamar Ramos | 10-22-2013

Young adults are beginning to experience sleeptexting, which may have serious consequences for their mental and physical health.

Python Plasma for Heart Health

Jamar Ramos | 10-15-2013

Python plasma may hold medical properties that can help with heart defects, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

EHR Rankings: Who Has KLAS?

Jamar Ramos | 10-08-2013

EHR rankings released by KLAS Research show which digital recording system works the best for their customers.

Environmental Toxins Create Health Concerns

Jamar Ramos | 10-01-2013

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Committee on Health Care for Underserved Women released a report on the dangers of environmentally toxic substances. These chemicals may interfere with pregnancies and cause health problems in adults.

New iPhone Helps Mobile Health

Jamar Ramos | 09-24-2013

With the new M7 processor, the iPhone 5s may help with the progress of mobile health around the globe.

5 go-to university extension programs for disaster preparedness advice

Aimee Hosler | 09-23-2013

How do you prepare for something you can't predict? When it comes to emergency management and disaster preparedness, these university extension programs are an excellent place to start.

"Lab on a Chip" Testing Could Revolutionize Global Health Care

Justin Boyle | 09-17-2013

Reliable field testing for HIV has proven to be one of the more difficult problems in global medicine distribution, but new diagnostic technology might have an answer.

Bionic eyes bringing sight back to the blind

Justin Boyle | 09-10-2013

In February, the FDA gave official market approval to a prosthetic retina device that may be able to restore partial sight to people with impaired vision.

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