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Medical Practice: The Growth of the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Jamar Ramos | 09-03-2013

Many are fighting against the common medical practice of getting vaccinated against preventable diseases. What impact is this having on the US?

Begin Stage 2

Jamar Ramos | 08-27-2013

Many doctors and hospitals are requesting that the attestation period for Stage 2 Meaningful Use be extended.

Rise of mobile health care

Jamar Ramos | 08-20-2013

mHealth can help doctors and hospitals save money and provide more efficient care for their patients.

Edible medical tech monitors when patients take their meds

Jamar Ramos | 08-13-2013

Intelligent pills could transmit data to skin patches and smartphones, revealing overuse or underuse of patients' medications.

New technology for bladder cancer testing

Jamar Ramos | 08-06-2013

An innovative test for bladder cancer could use a urine sample rather than invasive, costly procedures like cystoscopies.

Using PET to scan for depression

Jamar Ramos | 07-30-2013

PET scans can explore areas of the brain linked to depression, with surprising results.

App Tests Players' Balance on the Sidelines

Jamar Ramos | 07-23-2013

A new iOS app can assess a player's balance, checking for a potential symptom of head injury.

10 medical schools that deserve a second look

Justin Boyle | 07-18-2013

If you've been tirelessly reading about medical universities and looking up lists of medical school rankings, it's probably getting tough to keep track of them all. Here's a list of 10 schools that could be worth looking over once more.

DNA Sequencing: What Next?

Jamar Ramos | 07-16-2013

Biomedical technology races ahead and society looks for guidelines on the use of DNA testing and genomic data.

Memory Chips, or Prosthetic Devices for the Brain

Jamar Ramos | 07-09-2013

Someday a chip implanted in the brain might help restore long-term memories for patients with conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

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