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Nanotechnology Could be Big for Vaccinations

Jamar Ramos | 07-02-2013

Nanotechnology could potentially reduce some of the costs and health risks associated with vaccinations -- find out how.

Technological Breakthroughs in Prosthetics

Jamar Ramos | 06-25-2013

Biomedical research is exploring high-tech innovations to help those who need prosthetic devices.

The Cloud Gets Personal with Wearable Tech

Jamar Ramos | 06-20-2013

Wearing the cloud -- wearable tech gathers lifestyle data and connects humans to resources, wherever they are.

Gaming Console or Health Care Control Panel?

Jamar Ramos | 06-11-2013

Does a new gaming console launch get your heart racing? The new machine from Microsoft can even tell you how fast your heart is pumping.

Automation Hits Home Health Care

Jamar Ramos | 06-04-2013

The increase in seniors requiring home care may outpace the growth in qualified service providers. Are personal care robots the answer?

10 University Fitness Centers to Fit in your Schedule

Justin Boyle | 06-03-2013

Whether you like to glide through some light cardio or pump iron and really feel the burn, these university fitness centers can help you get the exercise you need to stay in studying shape. Read about 10 recreation centers with major fitness cred.

6 Health Care Apps for Patients or Physicians

Jamar Ramos | 05-28-2013

These innovative health tech apps offer support for both patients and health care providers. Uses of technology span health informatics and record keeping as well as professional networking.

5 ways video games can befriend your brain

Joe Taylor | 05-22-2013

Researchers report that the right video games can improve our motor skills, distract us from pain, bolster classroom learning, and even make our minds work like younger versions of themselves.

Mental Health Professionals Battle Rising Suicide Rates

Shannon Dauphin Lee | 05-16-2013

More Americans die by suicide than in car accidents -- but we can fight back through prevention programs and awareness of the warning signs. Psychologists and mental health professionals can also do their part to support individuals in distress.

How Electronic Health Records Can Revolutionize Health Care

Jamar Ramos | 05-15-2013

Electronic health record systems promise portable data that is more accessible to health care providers and patients alike. Find out about high-tech EHRs gaining steam in the health care system.

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