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Preparing Yourself For Delivery

By the last month or so of your pregnancy you will probably become very anxious to end your discomfort and to finally meet your baby. These last few weeks before baby's arrival can be full of emotion as you come to the reality that your long wait is almost over and that you are running out of time to have everything in perfect order.

Here are a few tips you can follow that will hopefully have you prepared for baby's arrival.

-Start on your birth announcements. Select an announcement style. Make a list of people who will receive birth announcements and address the envelopes in advance or have address labels printed out in advance.

-Make several meals in advance and freeze them for future use. You may not think so now but once baby arrives you will be very tired and probably not up to cooking. Having a few days worth of premade dinner in the freezer can be very helpful.

-Look for child-care and/or housekeeping in advance if you can afford it. If you plan to return to work shortly after baby arrives, you will want to decide early about who will care for your baby when you return to work. If you can afford to hire a housekeeper for a few weeks after the baby is born, you will be able to concentrate on your baby and yourself instead of trying to maintain your home. Or consider asking family members if they would be willing to help around the house.

Before entering your ninth month of pregnancy, take the time to make these last-minute preparations:

-Have the name, address and phone number of the hospital you will be delivering at in your cell phone if you have a smart phone or written in an address book that is easily accessible.

-Discuss with your OBGYN the protocol for when you should go to the hospital and who you should call. Most doctors will have you contact the physician's exchange if you go into labor after hours. You will want to have the physician's exchange phone number stored in your cell phone in advance.

-Pack a bag with the things you will need for your time in the hospital. You will want to pack comfortable clothing for in the hospital and something to wear when you leave, toiletries, snacks for you and your labor coach, reading materials, clothes and a receiving blanket for baby.