Top 5 Paying Allied Health Careers

When someone is considering a job in the allied health field, one of the things that they want to know is what the top paying jobs are in the field. So listed below are the top five paying jobs in the allied health field and the ones that people seek out when they are looking for a high paying job in allied health.

  • Radiation Therapist  -  This job is at the top of the list with $75,000.
  • Physical Therapist - - Coming in second is physical therapist at $74,410
  • Occupational Therapist -  The third highest paying job in allied health is occupational therapist at $67,920.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist  -  The fourth highest paying job in allied health is nuclear medicine technologist, which pays $67,480.
  • Dental Hygienist  - The fifth highest paying job in allied health is a dental hygienist, which pays $66,950.

If you are looking for a good paying job in allied health, the best choice for you to make is choose one of the careers listed above because they are the top paying careers in this field. If you choose one of these careers, not only are you going to find yourself making a good salary but you will also be working with doctors to help them diagnose illness and help patients to get better.

People who work in the allied health field find that their work is profitable and very rewarding because they are helping people and working together with doctors and health professionals to make a difference in the lives of patients.