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Using the Internet for Networking

The internet is another way to stay connected to your profession. It gives you access to a broad pool of people, events, and opportunities. Not only can you contact people and stay in touch with them by e-mail and via social media sites such as Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook, but you can also participate in listener and discussion groups. Here you can network with others, find all the latest information on the nursing profession, and research virtually anything you need to know.

Even when you can't get out to meetings and events, you can log on the internet anytime and get advice and information from a real person or from a data source. The internet is a very convenient form of networking and a source for staying up-to-date on your chosen profession. The following are a few way to put the internet to work for you.

One way to stay in touch is to visit general websites that pertain to your allied health profession - There are many nursing related websites that offer information on practice-based issues, legislative issues, and career and professional development. Some post weekly articles, have e-newsletters you can subscribe to, and offer opportunities to ask questions of an expert. Some sites even offer cyber mentoring! Signing up for an e-newsletter is an excellent way to keep abreast of your profession. An e-newsletter is delivered to your e-mail account on a predetermined schedule, such as weekly or monthly.

To stay current on the happenings in your profession, it is essential that you regularly visit the sites that pertain to your allied health profession. An example might be: The National Nurses Association, the Nurses Student Nurses Association etc....Refer to the Resources section for numerous valuable websites.

Join a listerv - A listerv is a group of people with a similar interest or background who post messages about various subjects. These posts are delivered to your e-mail account on a regular basis. Those who subscribe to the list can respond to those posts, submit their own question or comment, or just read what others are talking about. The great thing about a listerv of peers is that you can post a question or concern and get some feedback or advice from others on the list.