Medical Office Manager Salary in British Columbia – BC

In British Columbia, salaries for medical office managers are significantly higher than the average for most of Canada. In fact, the median medical office manager salary range in British Columbia is about $36,483 to $46,404 per year, which means that you could be making anywhere from $17.54 per hour to $22.31 per hour. Medical office managers in Canada, on average, earn between $15.34 and $20.45 per hour, so you can see that British Columbia is on the high end of normal.

There is, however, a $10,000 gap between the normal salary ranges. This gap represents some very crucial factors, such as years of professional experience and level of certification. The highest paid medical office managers in British Columbia are those with many years of experience and certification to boot. As a new graduate, however, you will start with a beginning salary that is closer to the lower end of normal, but you can see that there is a great deal of financial incentive in this field once you gain some experience.

Certified medical office managers in British Columbia will have much better employment prospects than those without certification. Certified Medical Manager (CMM) status can be obtained by passing an examination through the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM).

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