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British Columbia Pharmacy Technician Salaries – BC

The average salary for a pharmacy technician in British Columbia is dependent upon several factors, but most pharmacy technicians earn an average of $12.00 to $16.17 per hour. With these figures, pharmacy technicians in British Columbia are earning anywhere from $24,960 to $33,633 per year.

Perhaps the most heavily weighted salary-influencing factor is experience. Employers will always look to years of professional experience when determining an appropriate level of compensation, and although this may be somewhat of a deterrent to recently graduated pharmacy technicians, there is plenty of room for advancement and opportunity.

Pharmacy technicians in British Columbia encounter a variety of prescription requests on a daily basis, related to a host of different medical conditions. Approximately 17% of British Columbia’s population are daily smokers, 14.3% are obese or overweight, and 75% are on contraception medication. These are just some of the health issues occurring in British Columbia that keep the need for medical care consistent. With consistent growth in the healthcare community, pharmacy technicians in British Columbia can also expect to see a significant demand for their skills as well.

One of the ways that pharmacy technicians in British Columbia can possibly increase their earning potential is by becoming a member of a professional organization, such as the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians, a group dedicated to the advancement and recognition of pharmacy technicians throughout Canada.

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