Psychologist Salary in British Columbia - BC

Psychology is a unique discipline with many facets, requiring years of training. Indeed, for most psychologist positions, a minimum of a master degree is required. Salaries for psychologists in Canada reflect the years of training that one must complete to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position. According to payscale.com, the average psychologist salary in British Columbia is C$63,936. Salaries, of course, vary widely from one type of psychologist to another. For example, a school psychologist working in British Columbia may earn an average annual pay of C$60,000, while a clinical psychologist would earn more, at approximately C$80,000 annually.

There are so many sub-disciplines within the broader field of psychology that jobs abound for those with the proper training. Currently on indeed.ca, the following positions are available for professionals with some type of psychology degree or training (where possible, the actual degree required for the position as well as the starting salary is noted):

  • Clinical Psychologist – Surrey Memorial Hospital, Surrey – requires doctoral degree, starts at C$83,200 per year
  • School District Psychologist – Greater Victoria School District, Vancouver – requires doctorate or master in school psychology
  • Psychologist – Northern Health, Prince George – requires doctoral degree, starts at C$81,744 annually
  • Mental Health Clinician – Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver – requires master degree, starts at C$62,961 annually
  • Child Psychologist – Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, Vancouver – requires doctorate, starts at C$81,744 per year
  • Licensed Psychologist  - Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission, Prince George – requires doctorate, starts at C$84,011 annually

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