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British Columbia Vet Tech Salaries

In 2007, a research study evaluated the current British Columbia vet tech salaries. The findings were broken down into lowest, average, and highest wages in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland Southwest areas of British Columbia. Overall, veterinary technicians in British Columbia can expect to fall somewhere within this pay scale:

  • Low wage (lowest 10% of salaries) - $9.50 per hour
  • Average wage (median 80% of salaries) - $15.10 per hour
  • High wage (highest 10% of salaries) - $22.77

But what factors determine how much you will earn according to this pay scale? Well, without a doubt, the most experienced animal health technologists in British Columbia are likely to be in the bracket of the highest 10% of salaries. While this may seem a little far off to a new graduate, it definitely gives you something to aim for as you continue with your career as a veterinary technician.

Recent grads in British Columbia are likely to be among either the low or average wage bracket. Primarily, this depends on the type and size of the facility you work in. Smaller veterinary practices may not have the funds to offer to top dollar, whereas 24-hour animal hospitals may offer higher salaries but demand less conventional working hours.

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