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Cardiac Sonography Training in California - CA

The easiest way to initiate your cardiac sonographer training in California is to search out and apply to a school offering an associate’s degree in cardiac sonography.

Avoid year-long certification programs unless you’ve heavily researched employment prospects in your area, as these typically don’t open much in the way of job opportunities. Likewise, while bachelor’s degrees are available, don’t pursue one unless you want the additional education, or intend to shoot for the highest tier cardiac sonographer job you can.

No matter where in California you decide to go to school, though, you’re CAAHEP approved curriculum will focus heavily on two subjects; knowledge of cardiovascular systems and anatomy, and skilful use and operation of ultrasound technology. A cardiac sonographer is extremely specialized; they have to be extremely knowledgeable about the workings of the heart and how it relates to the body.

Usually the second year of your cardiac sonographer education in California is where you start doing clinical work. You’ll perform transthorasic and transesophageal echocardiograms, and the handful of other tests cardiac sonographers are trained for, under the guidance of your teachers and trained medical professionals.

As you’re nearing graduation, give some thought to getting certified by either the American Registry for Diagnosis Medical Sonographers, or Cardiovascular Credentialing International. Taking an exam offered by either of these organizations will make you a credentialed cardiac sonographer, connect you to a network of your peers, and keep you informed of the latest technologies and breakthroughs in your field. While not required by the state of California, many employers only consider sonographers with membership in one of these organizations, and it may be the extra edge needed to land the job you want.

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