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Lactation Consultant Salaries in California - CA

After gaining the proper education, clinical experience and national certification, lactation consultants can anticipate an optimistic occupational outlook. According to State of California Employment Development Department, the number of health educators employed in California is expected to rise from 9,900 in 2006 to 12,300 in 2016. This 24.2% employment growth will not only open up approximately 2,400 job positions, but may also impact lactation consultant salaries in California by promoting competitive wages within the industry.

Right now, the annual average salary for lactation consultants nationwide is $82,000. However, individual salary earning potentials are largely influenced by industry trends, levels of acquired education, amount of prior work experience, national certification and the geographical location of employment. For instance, lactation consultants working in California earn an average annual salary of $81,000 yet this figure varies between cities. Even though job seekers are encouraged to search for jobs in regions of high population densities, these regions do not always yield higher salary averages as a result. To show salary diversification across geographical regions, here are the annual salary statistics for lactation consultants in the five largest cities in California:

California:  $81,000/yr
Los Angeles:  $80,000/yr
San Diego:  $73,000/yr
San Francisco: $93,000/yr
Long Beach:  $79,000/yr
Fresno:  $70,000/yr

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