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Medical Office Manager Salary in California – CA

Many factors affect the salary of medical office managers in California. Those candidates with some previous experience in office management in a field other than healthcare may command a higher starting salary than a person with little or no administrative background. Similarly, the more education a person has typically translates into a higher salary base. The general economic prosperity of an area can also affect salaries, as can population density—more people means more physicians’ offices, healthcare facilities, and hospitals and a higher demand for services. The type of medical facility also affects the salary of the office manager—for example, the office manager for a successful plastic surgeon is likely to earn a higher salary than that of a government-subsidized skilled nursing care facility.

California has more people than any other state in the United States—eight of the country’s most populous cities are in California. The largest metropolitan areas, Greater Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Riverside-San Bernardino, are home to almost 70 percent of the population. San Diego and Sacramento are also large population centers. Listed below are average medical office manager salaries for the top five most populous cities as well as the 95th-100th ranked California cities based on population. Interestingly enough, even these “smaller” cities have populations of more than 75,000 people and several are part of larger metropolitan areas.

Los Angeles:  $47,000
San Diego:  $42,000
San Jose:  $55,000
San Francisco:  $55,000
Fresno:  $40,000
Tracy:  $43,000
Baldwin Park:  $45,000
Merced:  $41,000
Chino Hills:  $40,000
Napa:  $40,000