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California Medical Lab Technician Salaries

Medical Laboratory Tech Salaries in California

According to the average California medical laboratory technician salary is $59,100. The hourly wage ranges from $12.92 - $28.43 per hour. These wages are higher than the national average for hourly wages. According to the high end of hourly wages is $28.43 for California and $25.73 for the rest of the nation. Even the low-end wages across the nation at $11.29 are lower than the average in California at $12.92. In California the highest paying area is the Oakland-Fremont-Hayward with a median yearly salary of $45,300. The areas of California that don’t pay quite as well are the North Coast Region and the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale Metropolitan Division.

Generally one would think that the bigger the city, the better the pay, but in this case that is not true. Information from shows that the more experience in the profession the better the pay. A person with 20 years experience is likely to make almost double the hourly wage that someone with less than one year of experience can expect to make. The projection for the national change of this profession is an increase of 15%. With 17% as the predicted change on the west coast, California fairs better in the profession growth category, than the rest of the nation.

Medical Technicians in the Military in California

Members of the military that have received Medical Laboratory Technician training as a part of their military service are eligible for licensure in California. An active military person will be allowed to sit for the national exam during the last three weeks of their Phase II training provided the following criteria are met:

                  a. Must be in good standing
                  b. The Program Director of the military program must submit a letter detailing the expected date of completion of Phase II for the candidate as well as anticipated date of graduation.

Once the national exam is passed, application for California licensure may be pursued following the standard protocol.

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