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California Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Education for Medical Technicians in California

California, known for its sunshine, great weather, beaches and celebrities is easily one of the most popular destinations for vacationers. A laid back, easygoing attitude toward life is typically what comes to mind when thinking about California and the people there. The environment and the people make it easy to understand why California is one of the top seven states in popularity of working as a Medical Laboratory Technician, according to

There is no required continuing education for Medical Laboratory Technicians in California. However, many of the licensed MLTs do pursue additional course work through California medical technician training programs to promote their Associate in Applied Science degree and earn a Bachelors Degree. Earning a Bachelors Degree will increase professional opportunities and pay.

The national association for Medical Laboratory Technicians is the ASCP, the American Society for Clinical Pathology The organization offers a national certification exam as well as representing the professional on a national level. Legislative issues, professional development and public education are the primary responsibilities of the organization. The group was formed in 1922 and shortly after that set up their Board of Registry. The Board of Registry is the agency with in ASCP that oversees the administration of the national exam. On the state level there is CAMLT – California Association for Medical Laboratory Technicians. The organization has five levels of membership to meet the needs of the diverse profession. Those levels include: Active, Collaborative, Associate, Student and Lifetime. The mission of the group is to represent the dedicated laboratory professionals of the state, to advance the professional growth and offer quality continuing education courses. This group is also responsible for following and acting upon any legislative issues that affect the profession. Pubic education and other member services are also the responsibility of this group.

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