Medical Technologist Salaries in California

Medical Technologist Salary in California

California offers salaries for Clinical Laboratory Scientists, that are comparable to the national average. The average Medical Technologist in California earns a yearly salary of $67,000-$70,000. At the present time, Medical Technologists across the United States are earning an average yearly salary of $68,000.

Average yearly income for Medical Technologists in major cities in California:

  1. Anaheim - $61,000
  2. Beverly Hills - $67,000
  3. Burbank - $66,000
  4. Carmel - $62,000
  5. Fresno - $59,000
  6. Hollywood - $66,000
  7. Laguna Beach - $62,000
  8. Los Angeles - $67,000
  9. Monterey - $63,000
  10. Newport Beach - $63,000
  11. Oakland - $76,000
  12. Palm Springs - $61,000
  13. Palo Alto - $79,000
  14. Pasadena - $63,000
  15. Redondo Beach - $67,000
  16. Sacramento - $51,000
  17. San Diego - $49,000
  18. San Francisco - $63,000
  19. San Jose - $63,000
  20. Santa Barbara - $47,000
  21. Santa Cruz - $61,000
  22. Santa Monica - $55,000


California and National Professional Organizations for Medical Technologists

  1. California Association for Medical Laboratory Technology (CAMLT): This organization is designed to represent all professionals working in a laboratory setting in California. By offering seminars, renewal information, grants/scholarships, and legislative support, the CAMLT aims to provide quality laboratory care to patients and a positive work environment for the laboratory professionals. The California Association for Medical Laboratory Technology even holds review sessions and provides study materials for test takers.
  2. American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP): The goal of this professional organization is to provide current licensing information, continuing education services, and support career advancement. The website features online courses and a list of seminar dates for continuing education units and boasts about offering more than 300 continuing education opportunities every year.
  3. American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science: As a national organization for Medical Technologists, ASCLS offers many member benefits, including an annual meeting and exposition to help professionals with networking and continuing education. Depending on the level of membership, The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science will send various medical journals to its members.

Medical Technologist Schools

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