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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in California - CA

California Medical Transcription Salaries

According to the City Town Information website ( which analyzes US places to work and careers, you’ll probably find more medical transcription opportunities in California in Santa Ana, San Diego, and Riverside with the highest salary being found in Oakland and San Jose.  Salaries tend to be 3% lower in Los Angeles.

Medical transcriptionists who hold certification or membership into national organizations can often command higher salaries since they will agree to additional training throughout the year.  Many transcriptionists are paid by the hour and entry-level medical transcriptionist in California can be paid from $9 to $12 per hour according to  The median salary for a medical transcriptionist can range from 30K ( to $41K (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Following are reported average California medical transcriptionist salary by major city from

Los Angeles-$35,000
Santa Ana-$36,000
San Diego-$32,000
San Jose-$41,000
Santa Rosa-$36,000

California Medical Transcriptionist Associations

Medical transcriptionists are welcome to join AAMT (American Association of Medical Transcriptionists), a national organization.  Membership for an individual costs $135 per year. But when you join you’re entered into a national database so customers can easily find you.  Particularly helpful if you’re starting your own business or plan to freelance.
Other allied health or MT professional associations with information about California medical transcription careers are:

The Medical Transcription Industry Association:
The Health Professions Institute:

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