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Physical Therapy Pay in California - CA

California physical therapists earn the second highest average annual salaries in the nation, according to a 2008 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Only Nevada, where physical therapists can earn an average salary of $87,000, beats the average California physical therapist salary of $83,000.

The Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine region is the third-highest paying area for physical therapists and the San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City region ranks fourth. The BLS counted About 2,100 PTs in the two areas in 2008.

Since California is so large and varied in its municipal populations, cultures and costs of living, the most populous cities (ranked in order) are listed below with average PT annual salaries for each city.

Los Angeles: $83,000
San Diego: $74,000
San Jose: $96,000
San Francisco: $96,000
Fresno: $73,000
Long Beach: $82,000
Sacramento: $78,000
Oakland: $95,000
Santa Ana: $76,000
Anaheim: $76,000
Bakersfield: $77,000
Riverside: $76,000
Stockton: $75,000
Chula Vista: $76,000
Fremont: $94,000
Irvine: $75,000
Modesto: $75,000
Glendale: $82,000
San Bernardino: $68,000
Huntington Beach: $77,000
Oxnard: $73,000
Fontana: $70,000
Moreno Valley: $69,000
Oceanside: $69,000
Rancho Cucamonga: $68,000
Santa Clarita: $87,000
Garden Grove: $80,000
Ontario: $69,000
Pomona: $70,000
Santa Rosa: $77,000
Salinas: $77,000
Palmdale: $77,000
Hayward: $96,000
Pasadena: $82,000
Torrance: $82,000
Corona: $75,000


California Organizations for Physical Therapists

California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA)
With the authority to approve continuing education courses, this organization helps place physical therapists in their careers, offers research study grants, exerts influence on Sacramento for healthcare legislation, hears complaints against physical therapists, grants awards for excellence in practice and offers networking opportunities for PTs in the states. The CPTA is the California affiliate of the 72,000-member American Physical Therapy Association.

California Physical Therapy Association
2880 Gateway Oaks Drive
Suite 140
Sacramento, CA 95833
phone: 916-929-2782