Physician Assistant Programs in California - CA

Physician Assistant Program in California - CA

Admission Requirements for Physician Assistants in California

While some of the admission requirements may vary for physician assistant programs in California, typically you will need to have a high-school diploma to get started.  Earning a Bachelors Degree is the most common route of entrance into the physician assistant program, however, having at least 60 college credit hours or an Associates Degree in health or science related profession is another option.  Since the competition is tough in this industry those with Bachelors or Masters Degrees usually have an advantage.  Other important factors to be considered are the amount of medical experience you have earned from on-the-job training or the types of jobs within this industry you have held.  Applicants that lack the actual work experience should not let that deter them from applying, as they are more than likely still qualified to enroll in a physician assistant program.

Training Requirements for Physician Assistants in California

While some physician assistant programs in California can be quite lengthy, generally they take approximately two years to complete.  Those that may require you to have prior health-care or health-related experience are usually shorter in training.  Most physician assistant training programs will start in a classroom setting that lasts about nine to twelve months.  They will then embark upon clinical rotation in a variety of areas such as general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, family practice, internal medicine, psychiatry, emergency medicine and pediatrics and this can take about a year and are under direct supervision of a doctor who may be seeking to hire a physician assistant. 

Another option for California residents interested in the physician assistant program is called the MEDEX.  It is similar to the full-blown physician assistant program but offers those who have extensive experience in direct patient care a shorter classroom time with increased focus on the clinical experience. 

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