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How to Become a Radiology Tech in California - CA

The outlook for becoming a radiology technician in California, also known as an X-Ray Tech, has never looked better.  Currently, employment in this field is projected to grow faster than the average career by an increase of 21% or more.

How to Become a Radiology Tech in California

  1. Apply to a California Radiology Tech Training Program. Make sure it is accredited by the Joint Review Committee of Education in Radiologic Technology (  For admission guidelines, refer to your school of interest.  Math and science classes taken in high school are helpful when going into this field and obtaining an associates or bachelor’s degree. 
  2. Earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in this field from a California radiology tech training program.
  1. Pass an examination approved by the California Department of Health Services.
  1. Become licensed through the California Department of Health Services after completing and fulfilling all educational requirements from the school and program of your choice. Please refer to the State’s website for licensing requirements.  In 2007, only 40 states required licensure for practicing radiologic technologists and technicians.
  1. Submit an application to obtain a voluntary certification through ARRT (  There is a preference by California-based employers to hire certified radiology techs. 
  1. Continuing Education is required when working as a Radiology Technician in California.  Twenty-four continuing education credits that have been approved by the AART and set forth for their program are required for biennium license renewal in California.  Campus based learning and home study courses are the most common way of satisfying these requirements.  These courses are specifically designed to satisfy AART requirements and prepare professional radiology technicians in California to pass additional biennium exams administered by the AART.  These 24 continuing education credits and related AART exams are required in order for AART certificate renewal to be granted.  For a list of certificate renewal, continuing education credit options, and general information, please visit or  
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