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Salary for a Registered Nurse in California - CA

California Registered Nurses Salaries

Average California RN salary in major cities as of 2009 is as follows:

National Average:  $68,000
State of California RN Salary:  $67,000
Anaheim, California: $61,000
Bakersfield, California:  $61,000
Burbank, California:    $65,000
Carmel, California:  $68,000
Fresno, California:  $60,000
Los Angeles, California:  $66,000
Newport Beach, California: $62,000
Oakland, California:  $76,000
Palo Alto, California:  $80,000
Pasadena, California:  $65,000
Redondo Beach, California:  $66,000
Riverside, California:  $61,000
Sacramento, California:  $63,000
San Diego, California:  $60,000
San Francisco, California:  $77,000
San Jose, California:  $79,000
Santa Barbara, California:  $57,000
Santa Cruz, California:  $77,000
Santa Monica, California:  $66,000

Additional related nursing positions include:

RN Emergency:  $86,000
Travel Nurse RN:  $67,000
RN Critical Care ICU:  $72,000
Certified RN Anesthetist:  $127,000
Cardiovascular Technologist:  $64,000
EMT/Paramedic:  $50,000
Ultrasound Technician:  $57,000
X Ray Technician:  $47,000

*Based on estimates from the US BLS, and CA Occupational Guides.

California State Nursing Organizations:

California Board of Registered Nursing
The BRN is California’s governmental agency charged with regulating the industry of registered nurses, including education, licensure, practice, and patient care.

1625 North Market Boulevard, Suite N217
Sacramento, CA 95834-1924
(916) 322-3350

California Hospital Association (CHA)
The CHA works to represent the interests of hospitals and health systems in California. Members are supported with representation and advocacy in both state and federal governments.

1215 K Street, Suite 800
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: 916.552.7596

California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC)
CINHC is a non-profit organization created to address the state’s nursing shortage.  The organization works with nursing associations, educational institutions, hospitals, health care organizations, nurses and others to promote the increase of well trained nursing staff.

715 Hearst Ave., Suite 203
Berkeley, CA 94710

California Medical Association (CMA)
The CMA represents health care patients throughout the state. It currently has over 35,000 members throughout the industry representing the state’s health care patients.
1201 J St STE 200
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-5532

California Nurses Association (CNA)
The CNA and National Nurses Organizing Committee have over 80,000 members in 50 states, representing nurses in California and across the country
2000 Franklin Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: (510) 273-2200

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