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California Vet Tech Salaries

Salary for Veterinary Technicians in California

California, at first glance, is one of the highest paying states for veterinary technicians. However, when considering the cost of living, the wages are not that far off from the rest of the nation. The median annual California veterinary technician salary is  $36,000. When looking at individual cities however, city size as well as location affects pay.

City / AreaMedian Annual Salary
San Diego$41,000
San Francisco$39,000
Santa Barbara$36,000

Job density relates to the number of people that are in a career for the population of the city. For instance, a +13% means that there are 13% more technicians than are need for the number of  people living in that city – there is a surplus of technicians. When looking at job density, the higher the negative number (-46%) the better the opportunity for employment. The city with the highest job density is in Santa Rose and measures +176%. The lowest job density can be found in Riverside with at value of -11%. 


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