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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Arkansas – AR

Cardiac sonography, also known as echocardiography, is one of the top ten highest paying careers in Arkansas for those with an associate's degree or some post-secondary training and offers good job opportunities in the medical field.  Cardiovascular technologists and technicians and diagnostic medical sonographers make up the top twenty five fastest-growing job categories and are among the top 50 occupations predicted to have the most job openings requiring higher education that is above the high school level through 2016 in Arkansas, according to data made available through the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services.

Some of the mitigating factors include the reality that Arkansas has an aging population whose risk for cardiovascular diseases increases as its people grow older.  Plus, a large portion of the Arkansas population possesses lifestyles, such as being overweight, having unhealthy eating habits and smoking, which often result in heart disease. These circumstances translate to a real need for diagnostic ultrasound technicians who possess the skills necessary to obtain still images of videos of the heart and the surrounding blood vessels to enable physicians to treat these patients.

A career in cardiac sonography is not limited to practicing with adults. Pediatric, gynecologic and neonatal sonography are areas of specialization that can offer challenging and extremely rewarding careers.

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