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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Colorado – CO

Cardiac sonography is an exciting career option for those who are attracted to the medical career, but can’t or don’t want to invest eight years in becoming a doctor.  Cardiac sonographers work closely with doctors to perform EKGs and interpret the results.  While sonographers don’t actually make diagnoses, they play a big part in making meaning out of those curvy lines the EKG machine tosses out.  Job duties of the cardiac sonographer also include preparing patients for EKG testing, monitoring equipment and patients during testing, and educating patients about diagnostic procedures.  Job requirements include physical capabilities like heavy lifting, and personal attributes such as responsibility. Field-specific training is also crucial, and most employers expect professional licensing.

Cardiac sonography is a rapidly growing career field across the United States. Cardiac sonographer jobs in Colorado are found at major medical centers and regional hospitals, for instance, Penrose Hospital and Memorial Hospital Central, both located in Colorado Springs, and Denver Health Medical Center in the capital city of Denver.  Some cardiac sonography specialists work in doctors’ offices or laboratories.  One can get a sense of what opportunities are available in the field by checking job boards at such organizations as the American Society of Sonographers.

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