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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Hawaii – HI

Like many states, Hawaii’s senior population is expanding and the field of cardiology is one area of healthcare that is predicted to grow in the future. As a result, Hawaii is looking for medical professionals in this field. To treat a growing patient base, cardiologists utilize cardiac sonographers to perform the diagnostic testing to the heart that enables them to properly diagnose and treat patients for heart disease. According to occupational employment trends, cardiac sonography jobs in Hawaii are predicted to increase by 10 percent, according to data provided by Hawaii’s State of Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Research and Statistics Office. For those exploring careers in Hawaii in the field of cardiac sonography, or echocardiography, job opportunities should be available.

Jobs for cardiac sonographers are found in clinics, physician’s offices, laboratories, public health medical facilities and hospitals throughout the Islands of Hawaii, such as Honolulu’s Kuakini Medical Center and the Hilo Medical Center.  As part of their job responsibilities, diagnostic cardiac sonographers evaluate the anatomy and hemodynamics (blood flow) of the heart, its valves and related blood vessels. A skilled professional will be able to obtain and record an accurate patient history and perform diagnostic procedures according to an established protocol in order to obtain the necessary diagnostic images of the heart.

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