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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Idaho – ID

When exploring careers in the medical profession in Idaho that currently do not require a bachelor or master’s degree, one career that is predicted by experts to grow the fastest during the period from 2006 to 2016 in Idaho is that of a cardiac sonographer, sometimes known as echocardiographer and cardiac ultrasound technologist. 

Cardiovascular technologists and technicians are among the top 15 fastest-growing occupations in Idaho in the category of those who have professional training beyond the high school level and an increase of 36 percent in employment is forecast according to statistics compiled about employment trends by the Idaho Commerce and Labor, Research and Analysis Bureau.

A job as a cardiac sonographer is a demanding and satisfying one. To perform this job effectively, the cardiac sonographer must be proficient with the clinical protocols for the specific cardiovascular ultrasound examination that is to be performed on the patient. They must evaluate the patient’s medical background to determine the necessity behind the examination, conduct the proper medical questioning with the patient and perhaps expand the ultrasound testing to ensure that the clinical questions requested by the physician are answered by the test. The ability to interact and communicate effectively with the medical team as well as patients is an important skill for this profession.