Cardiac Sonographer Jobs in Louisiana – LA | Cardiac Ultrasound Jobs

Cardiac Sonographer Jobs in Louisiana – LA

Ultrasound technology is one of the great breakthroughs of modern medicine, using sonography to provide images of internal organs, muscles, and tendons and diagnose patients accordingly. Cardiac sonographers, sometimes called echocardiographers, specialize in imaging the heart and analyzing cardiac images.

Ultrasounds and sonography are already used widely in doctors’ offices and hospitals across the country, but they are poised to become even more common as they replace more invasive procedures and as the number of senior citizens in America continues to rise, since older people suffer more from heart disease. Since Lousiana’s elderly population is expected to increase from 582,340 people, making up 12.6% of the state’s population, to approximately 944,212 people, constituting 19.7% of the population, prospects for cardiac sonography careers in Louisiana are expected to grow steadily over the next two decades.

Cardiac sonographers must be knowledgeable about technical areas, like the various types of Doppler technology used in sonographic imaging, as well as in the various types of cardiac pathologies that affect the wide range of prenatal, pediatric, and adult patients that they see on a regular basis. In addition to core technical skills, however, cardiac sonographers must have organizational and people skills. For example, since cardiac sonographers work with people who are concerned about their health on a daily basis, they must have a relaxed, friendly manner and be able to help patients feel at ease with the complicated medical procedures being performed.

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