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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Nebraska – NE

The Nebraska Heart Institute’s (NHI) echocardiography lab, one of the first 1000 in the United States, was accredited by the  Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL) in 2006. The laboratory also has a mobile unit that provides echocardiography service to 25 sites in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. Because one American dies every 32 seconds of cardiovascular disease, the Nebraska Heart Institute knows the importance of hiring well trained and qualified echocardiographers to work in its static and mobile units.

Cardiac sonographer jobs in Nebraska are very important to the endeavor to help lower that statistic. The job of an echocardiographer is to perform diagnostic ultrasound procedures that help physicians discover and treat cardiovascular disease. Careers in sonography are available all across Nebraska, in medical institutions such as Lincoln Surgical Hospital, Bryan LGH Medical Center, and Alegent Healthcare. The director of NHI’s Echocardiography Department, Dr. Peter Dionisopoulous, notes, "Cardiac structure and flow information provided by echocardiographic testing is useful in the detection and management of many types of heart disease. This noninvasive test has become one of the standard diagnostic tools in cardiology."  In addition to echocardiograms, NHI performs more than 1100 open-heart procedures, over 3000 interventions and more than 7000 cardiac catheterizations each year.