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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Oregon – OR

Although they are not doctors, cardiac sonographers are an important part of the team that cares for Oregon’s heart patients, from premature infants on up to the elderly.    As the United States population ages, and as the medical profession becomes better at detecting early signs of cardiac illness, jobs in cardiac sonography are on the rise.  The BLS projected that the sonography field would increase much faster than the average in the years between 2008 and 2018.  Those entering the field now can expect healthy job prospects upon graduation -- provided they have the right qualities to be successful at this challenging medical profession.

What qualities should a sonographer have? Cardiac technologists sometimes have to transport heavy equipment or assist patients with mobility difficulties; thus they should be physically fit.  Sonographers have direct contact with very ill people, so -- like doctors -- they should possess a good ‘bedside manner‘.  Scientific and technological aptitude is an asset, as is stress tolerance.

Cardiac sonographer jobs in Oregon, as elsewhere, are found at major hospitals and medical centers.  Oregon’s cardiac sonographers can hope to secure positions at such facilities as Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center, Oregon Health and Science University Hospital, and Sacred Heart Medical Center.  Oregon is in some ways a leader in the field of cardiac sonography, being one of the first two states to mandate licensing.  Other states are expected to follow suit.

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