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Cardiac Sonography Careers in Pennsylvania – PA

Pennsylvania counts a relatively high percentage of older citizens (those sixty-five and above) in its population.   Improvements in medical care are helping more Americans reach old age -- and those older citizens in turn are making for an increased demand for professionals in the medical field.  Cardiac sonography is expected to increase at a rate much above the national job growth rate in the years between now and 2018; this makes it a good career option for students who possess the right aptitudes.  Those entering two year programs now can expect to find many job postings in their certification area upon program completion.

Many cardiac and vascular sonographers of course work with the aged population, but some specialize in pediatrics.  Cardiac sonography is noninvasive vascular imaging.  Field practitioners are specialists with regards to a particular piece of medical equipment: the EKG, or electrocardiogram machine.  Sonographers have a role in preparing cardiac patients for testing -- physically, and sometimes mentally as well.  During testing, they monitor both the patient and the machine.  After testing, they interpret results in consultation with a doctor.

Cardiac sonographer jobs in Pennsylvania are found at hospitals and medical centers and sometimes also at doctors’ offices.  Albert Einstein Medical Center, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Saint Luke’s Hospital, and Temple University are among the medical facilities where Pennsylvania’s cardiac sonographers may aspire to work. 

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