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Cardiac Sonography Careers in West Virginia – WV

If you want to work in a career field that offers stability and reward, then cardiac sonography might be the perfect career for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for cardiac sonographers will increase by at least 24% over the next 8 years. This is significant because the average growth see in most other professions is only about 9%.

There is no doubt that cardiac sonography careers in West Virginia are growing, but the question is why? What has caused such an upward trend? Well, to answer that, we need to look at some state statistics. As we know, the risk of developing heart disease increases dramatically with age. In fact, nearly 83% of all patients that die from heart disease are over the age of 65. In West Virginia, about 20% of the population is made up of people 65 and older, roughly 1,216,500 residents.

So, one of the largest risk factors is age. Now, combine age with the other top risk factors, including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cigarette smoking, and we can see the trend that points to increased demand for cardiac sonographers in West Virginia.  

  • Male smokers: 26.6%. Female smokers: 20%.
  • Male obesity: 72.5%.  – Female obesity: 59.8%.
  • Diabetes in both genders: 13%.
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