Cardiac Sonography Careers in Wyoming – WY

The amount of cardiac sonographer jobs in Wyoming is continuing to grow as the industry expands and the technology gains more rapport with hospitals and individuals. The BLS, or Bureau of Labor Statistics, reports that the sonography field should experience a total growth of eighteen percent by 2018, a rate of expansion that the bureau terms "very fast." Much of this projected growth will likely be due to ever rising numbers of elderly individuals seeking preventative health care. As life expectancy rates in America rise, more and more people are engaging in more thorough preventative health care regimens in the decades beyond middle age.

While Wyoming is home to only twenty-three hospitals, the state ranks tenth in the nation for the most amount of clinics per capita. With more than thirty-five clinics for every million people in the state and about thirty-four of every thousand people working in the health care industry, finding sonography employment in Wyoming shouldn't be difficult. Among Wyoming's most well regarded sonographer employers are its major hospitals: Saint John's Medical Center, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, Campbell County Memorial Hospital and Wyoming Medical Center.

Sonographers are more likely to find high paying positions in the most urban areas of Wyoming, but it's often easier to find employers with less strenuous requirements in rural parts of the state. Many sonographers advance in their career by seeking successively more urban places of employment.

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