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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Colorado - CO

Certification as a cardiac sonographer can be a sound career move. Many echocardiographers do work on a per diem basis, but experience can help a worker compete for good positions at large medical centers. (Having multiple related licensures can be advantageous, as well.)

The average cardiac sonographer salary in Colorado is $59,000, and this figure is fairly consistent across Colorado’s largest cities.  Denver, Aurora, and Lakewood all weigh in at the state average of  $59,000, while Colorado Springs reports a slightly lower $56,000.  The following are averages reported for Colorado cities.

  • Denver $59,000
  • Colorado Springs $56,000
  • Aurora $59,000
  • Lakewood $59,000

The salary for an electrocardiograph technician in Colorado, meanwhile, is $47,000. While this is a comfortable salary -- and EKG certification is a rapid career path -- one should be aware EKG technician jobs may actually be on the decline, as the medical profession becomes more high-tech. Below are salaries for electrocardiograph technicians in Colorado’s major cities.

  • Denver $47,000
  • Colorado Springs $44,000
  • Aurora $47,000
  • Lakewood $47,000

Cardiac sonographers licensed in Colorado can also find jobs in other states.  Although most states do not mandate licensing, most employers do want professional certification through either CCI or ASDMS. 

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