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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Kentucky - KY

A cardiac sonographer salary in Kentucky ranges from around $53,000 through $60,000 and beyond. While salaries for sonographers in Kentucky aren't as enticing as those in states with larger cities, they compare favorably against Kentucky's low cost of living and fairly low median income figures. The median income for male, full-time workers in the state of Kentucky is just over $36,000, a wage that's considerably lower than the $53,000 that new sonographers can plan to receive. With the investment of just two years or less of education, sonography in Kentucky boasts an excellent cost to gain ratio.

Salaries in Kentucky differ depending on location. Expected salaries for various cities in the state are listed below.

  • Louisville, Kentucky $53,000
  • Owensboro, Kentucky $57,000
  • Lexington, Kentucky $61,000

Annual wages for sonographers increase quickly with experience, training and certification. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that less than 10% of all sonographers in the nation make $43,600 per year or less, a figure that is still considerably higher than Kentucky's median wages.

The health sector in Kentucky represents a large portion of the state's spending with more than $360,000,000 spent on health employee payroll each quarter, according to the U.S Department of Commerce. Those beginning their career in Kentucky can expect easy entry into the sonography industry.

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