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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Montana - MT

According to survey results from the 2007 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, many citizens of Montana have health factors that put them it a higher risk for having a heart attack and/or stroke. 25.2% of Montanans had high blood pressure, 34.6% had high cholesterol levels, 19.5% were current smokers, 61.8% were classified as overweight or obese, 42% had performed no exercise in the past month, and 74.7% ate fruits and vegetables fewer than five times daily. It is clear that cardiovascular disease is, and has the potential to continue to be, a prevalent health problem in Montana, making the need for trained echocardiographers even greater in that state. The echocardiograph technician can assist in diagnosing cardiovascular problems in Montanans early, in order to prevent health problems or avoid an early death.

Cardiac sonographers are highly trained health professionals, and are paid accordingly. The average cardiac sonographer salary in Montana is $55,520, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure is higher than the national average salary of an echocardiographer, which is $49,730, again per the BLS. Salaries may vary from city to city, as the following salary statistics for echocardiographers from show:

  • Great Falls:  $52,000
  • Billings:  $54,000
  • Butte:  $48,000
  • Missoula:  $47,000
  • Helena:  $48,000
  • Bozeman:  $48,000
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