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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in New Mexico - NM

A cardiac sonographer salary in New Mexico is, on average, $61,000, according to  Interestingly, it’s often not the largest New Mexican cities that report the highest yearly income.  The most populous New Mexico cities show salary averages in the $50 - $60 K range, with Albuquerque one of the lowest. 

The following list shows average job posting for different cities:

  • Albuquerque $50,000
  • Las Cruces $53,000
  • Sana Fe $51,000
  • Rio Rancho $50,000
  • Roswell $54,000

Those with the lesser certification electrocardiograph technician should expect to earn less; with reported salaries often $10,000 or more lower per year.  The state average for an electrocardiogram technician is listed as $49,000 -- still a solid middle class salary.  The following list shows average salaries for jobs posted with the title electrocardiogram technician:

  • Albuquerque $39,000
  • Las Cruces $42,000
  • Roswell $43,000

At the other end of the spectrum, some sonographers specialize in fields such as pediatric cardiac sonography or get their cardiac sonography training in conjunction with other sonography licensure.  This can help them compete for more lucrative positions.  One can get a sense of what some of these positions are by browsing job postings on CCI Online. It’s good to know that whichever career path a prospective sonographer chooses, he or she can expect the number of available positions to increase over the next decade.