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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Oregon - OR

The average cardiac sonographer salary in Oregon is $64,000.  Actual earnings are determined by certification type, experience level, and geography, among other factors. Some employers pay per diem, as they may not need a full time echo cardiographer on site. Experience and additional certifications can lead to greater choice of position.

There is a good deal of city by city variance (although cardiac sonographers who are considering career-related relocation should also consider differences in regional cost of living and quality of life indexes).  The following is a list of averages salaries for Oregon cities, displayed in descending order.

  • Eugene $61,000
  • Springfield $61,000
  • Portland $56,000
  • Gresham $56,000
  • Salem $54,000

Electrocardiogram technician salaries in Oregon average $50,000, according to statistics provided by Some of the same regional trends appear, with Eugene again topping Portland and Salem.

  • Eugene $48,000
  • Portland $45,000
  • Gresham $45,000
  • Salem $42,000

There are many types of certification that a sonographer can pursue, and those can ultimately lead to more exciting and lucrative career possibilities. A cardiac sonographer licensed in Oregon will also be able to secure employment in other states.  Although most states do not require credentialing, most employers do desire one -- from CCI or ARDMS.

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