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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Pennsylvania - PA

In the field of cardiac sonography, a number of factors influence one’s earning potential.  The type of certification a practitioner has will go a long way in determining what jobs she can compete for.  Those whose licenses allow them to perform multiple tasks within the sonography field can apply for more positions, while those with specialties may also see more open door over the course of their careers. Experience is of course another factor in determining earnings.

There are also regional differences in expected salary.  The average cardiac sonographer salary in Pennsylvania is $63,000, though some major metropolitan areas report lower wages.  The following are reported averages for cardiac sonographers in Pennsylvania’s major cities:

  • Pittsburgh $55,000
  • Philadelphia $60,000
  • Allentown $52,000
  • Erie $55,000

An electrocardiogram technician, whose duties are more limited, can expect to earn about $50,000 in Pennsylvania.  Below are averages reported for electrocardiogram technicians in the Keystone State:

  • Pittsburgh $43,000
  • Philadelphia 48,000
  • Allentown $41,000

As small medical facilities are sometimes unable to afford a full time sonographer, some cardiac sonographers are hired per diem.  If this is not your desired situation, experience -- and sometimes additional certifications -- will allow you to better compete for full time positions.

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