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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Utah - UT

In Utah, cardiac sonographers are known by many titles: cardiac sonographer, echocardiograph technician, or even echocardiographer. However, the title carries no bearing on the amount of money you will earn in this profession. Each title is simply a variation, and the job duties will be the same.

On average, most experienced diagnostic cardiac sonographers earn around $55,000 per year. As a beginner in this field, it is more likely that your starting salary will be closer to the national average at $47,010, but you can see that there is a great amount of earning potential.

As a credentialed cardiovascular sonographer, you might consider getting involved with the Utah branch of the American Heart Association. Not only does membership identify you as a professional advocating for cardiovascular health, but it also shows employers your professionalism and dedication to the field, which can increase your job prospects and earning potential.

One factor that can and will impact your annual income is geographic location. Many diagnostic echocardiograph technicians find employment in the largest healthcare facilities in the state, including Intermountain Medical Center, Saint Mark’s Hospital, University of Utah Health Care and Utah Valley Regional Medical Center; however, cardiac sonography salaries in Utah vary by location:

  • Salt Lake City: $50,000
  • West Valley: $52,000
  • Provo: $47,000
  • West Jordan: $48,000
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