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Cardiac Sonography Training in Alabama - AL

For those who are interested in pursuing a rewarding career in the field of diagnostic medical sonography as a cardiac sonographer, Alabama offers cardiac sonography training through both campus-based and online learning education programs. Typical programs available in Alabama run from a one-year certificate program to a two-year associate’s degree program.

Programs give students a foundation that covers anatomy, medical terminology, hemodynamics, color Doppler, and pathophysiology so that are able to perform quality, diagnostic echocardiograms that can be interpreted by the reading cardiologist.  Students are expected to learn the school’s very general protocol, which in turn will enable them to adapt to the protocol of the interpreting cardiologist at the hospital or medical facility where they are eventually employed.  For example, The Heart Center at Huntsville Hospital may have a slightly different protocol than that of Dekalb Regional Medical Center in Fort Payne.

Typical coursework in cardiac sonography will cover adult echo principles and technology; introductory and advanced adult echo scan laboratory; basic EKG; medical terminology; sonography and patient care; adult echo clinical application; adult echo advanced studies; ultrasound physics and adult echo clinical application. Professionalism and medical ethics are also covered. In addition to classroom training, students have hands-on clinical training under supervision of a cardiac sonographer at an affiliate hospital or medical facility.

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