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Cardiac Sonography Training in Colorado - CO

Cardiac sonographer credentialing is not legally required in Colorado, but employers generally do expect it.  There are two different credentialing agencies, Cardiac Credentialing International, or CCI, and the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, or ARDMS. Browsing job postings, one sees that many employers will accept credentials from either organization.  They may accept a number of licenses, as well.  The CCI-issued RCS license is equivalent to the ARDMS-issued RDCS credential.  Both qualify echocardiographers to prepare patients for EKGs, monitor the process, and interpret results. 

Other licenses qualify practitioners for broader duties, which can be an employment advantage. An echocardiograph technician -- or eco tech -- meanwhile, has slightly narrower duties and can expect a lower salary.  (Interestingly, that EKG technician is one related profession that is not expected to grow in demand in the coming year.)

Those opting for cardiac sonographer training in Colorado can enroll in an associates or baccalaureate level program that is accredited by CAAHEP.  Workers already certified in an Allied Health field have additional options: They can choose a shorter one year program. Prospective cardiographers will learn about diseases of the cardiac system as well as ultrasound technology.  Their education doesn’t end with graduation.  Continuing education units are needed to maintain licensing.

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