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Cardiac Sonography Training in New York - NY

Those interested in cardiac sonographer training in New York will want to familiarize themselves with the different terms used for credentialing.  Cardiac sonography generally refers to noninvasive imaging, using standard or more advanced EKG technology.  Echocardiographer is another term used to denote the profession.  Other terms, such as cardiovascular technologist, denote slightly different licensing and job duties.  It can be a job market asset to be licensed for multiple related roles.

The first step for someone who has opted for cardiac sonographer training in New York is to decide which program will best help her attain career goals.  Echocardiography programs vary in length.  Those already certified in a health profession can opt for a one year program, while those entering the health field for the first time must take at least an associate program.  Some choose a four year degree in medical sonography to have an advantage in an increasingly high tech profession.

EKG technicians, on the other hand, have a quicker certification route, but a poorer salary -- and also a poorer career outlook unless they go on to receive more training in the field.

Many positions will accept credentials from either of two licensing agencies: CCI or ARDMS.   ARDMS issues RDCS (Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer) licenses, while CCI issues RCS.

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