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Cardiac Sonography Training in Oregon - OR

Oregon is one of just two states where cardiac sonography licensing is mandated by law.  Oregon recognizes two licensing organizations: 1) CCI, or Cardiovascular Credentialing International, which focuses exclusively on the cardiovascular system, and 2) ARDMS, which certifies other medical sonography professions as well.  Students must decide whether to focus on cardiac (a type of noninvasive vascular) sonography or simultaneously seek certification in invasive vascular sonography or other disciplines.

Students should select a training program that serves as a prerequisite for their intended test.  Generally, students who graduate from a CAAHEP-accredited program in sonography will have the easiest path to licensure, though there are other paths, if one can verify twelve months of clinical experience.  Those who already have licensing in or are seeking a degree in another Allied Health Profession may have a shortened path to licensing. 

Students pursuing cardiac sonographer training in Oregon at the associates level can expect nine to twelve months devoted primarily to academics and twelve months devoted to clinical practice.  The twelve months of supervised practice are vital to getting certification, as well as developing skills in working with patients, interpreting ultrasound data, and handling situations that may arise.  As medical sonography is becoming increasingly respected as a professional discipline, some sonographers are opting for baccalaureate degrees.

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