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Cardiac Sonography Training in Pennsylvania - PA

Although cardiac sonography certification is not mandated by law in Pennsylvania, employers generally want sonographers who are licensed by one of the two main certifying bodies (CCI or ARDMS).  Sometimes one will see a job post by an employer who is willing to hire a professional who is currently certified in another health field, but can sit for certification examination within a specified time after hiring -- this a testament to the high demand for professionals in the echocardiography field.  For those outside the health care industry, an accredited program is generally the way to go.  For those within, it often is as well; they may, however, be able to do a shorter program. 

RCS and RDCS are equivalent certifications, both allowing practitioners to perform noninvasive cardiac imaging (EKGs). There are a number of other related certifications available in the sonography field. Some health practitioners want to be certified to operate invasive cardiac diagnostic equipment as well. CCI allows cardiac sonography candidates to specialize by patient age group, selecting adult, pediatric, or fetal care.

Most sonography training programs are two years, though four year programs are becoming increasingly popular.  Those seeking cardiac sonographer training in Pennsylvania can expect an education that combines technological and medical practice with field experience, culminating in twelve months of supervised practice.  A final step is sitting for exams administered by CCI and/ or ARDMS.

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