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Chiropractors Salary in Alabama - AL

Chiropractor Salaries in Alabama

As a chiropractor, you may work for a healthcare facility or larger practice, but many chiropractors in Alabama—almost half—are self-employed or have their own practice. Chiropractors are often able to choose where they would like to live and work—a major job perk in the modern age. You’ll also have the opportunity to build and grow your own practice if you so choose.

In addition to being professionally and personally rewarding, a career as a chiropractor in Alabama is financially rewarding as well. The average chiropractor’s salary in Alabama is $71,000. Of course, your salary may vary depending on your qualifications and location. The average salaries for chiropractors in major cities in Alabama are listed below:

  • Birmingham: $59,000
  • Montgomery: $53,000
  • Mobile: $49,000
  • Huntsville: $61,000
  • Tuscaloosa: $53,000

If city life doesn’t appeal to you, never fear—most chiropractors work in small towns and communities where they run their own practice or clinic. With a chiropractic degree, you’ll also be able to move onto careers in teaching or research if you so choose. The opportunities for skilled chiropractors in Alabama are greater than ever, so if it sounds like a career for you, now is the time to explore your education and training options.

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